staple series

Industrial Staples

The most common staples are used with paper. They are almost exclusively applied with a mechanical stapler which clinches the legs after they pass through the paper. This type is office staple.Staples of this type are used with a desktop stapling machine. Industrial staple is the other type of staples and used in different applications and different industries.

 Some staple sizes are used more commonly than others, depending on the application required. Some companies have unique staples just for their products. Staples from one manufacturer may or may not fit another manufacturers unit even if they look similar and serve the same purpose. There are few standards for staple size, length and thickness. This has led to many different incompatible staples and staplers systems, all serving the same purpose or applications.

Hardpich produces industrial staples in high quality and supplies the domestic market and exports to other countries.

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Brad/Finish Nails

Brad nails are formed from  fine 18 gauge wire , which means they are smaller in diameter and typically have less holding strength.The benefit to an 18 gauge brad is its size. Brad nails are easier to conceal in small pieces of wood trim. Their size also helps prevent surface splitting, which could occur if the fastener is too large for the material it is being nailed into. The downside to a brad is its holding power.

Finish nails are made from heavier 15 or 16 gauge wire, which means they can handle a greater payload.For larger trim , such as baseboards or crown molding,a finish nail is more suitable. in all,the finish nail offers increased support and withdrawal resistance.

Hardpich offers both brad and finish nails in high quality. 



brad nails
wire coil nails

Wire Coil Nails

Compared to loose nails, coil nails have some priorities .The main priority is that coil nail is time and cost effective. Coil nail is used with pneumatic nail guns and increases the speed of works. One of the main activities of Hardpich is production of wire coil nails for wooden pallets and packages. We offer a comprehensive range of wire coil nails with smooth, ring and screw shank that are compatible with the most of nail guns used in the market. 


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Common Nails


Nails come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.Frequently-used nails include common and box nails.Common nails have a thick shank and are made from iron wire.Most people use common nails for medium to heavy construction work. Generally, nails have a sharp point on one end and a flattened head on the other, but headless nails are available. Hardpich offers high quality common nails in smooth shank , screw shank and ring shanks. Screw and ring shanks nails have extra holding power and used for making heavy duty boxes and pallets.  


common nails



Nailers & Staplers


Hardpich Mfg. P.J.S. presents high quality nailers and staplers with NIV brand .The tools are available in three groups of Wire Coil Nailers , Brad Nailers and Staplers.  

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