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HARDPICH Mfg. P.J.S. is a leading manufacturer of nails & staples founded in 1981.
We began our activity with producing common nails in the first years. We could extend our products to cover the wide range of nails with standard specifications and custom-made ones. Very soon through taking advantage of adroit employees and state of the art technologies ,Hardpich could conquer the high peaks of quality in nail making industry and enjoy a good reputation in the domestic market and some foreign ones to which its products have been exported.
In 2007, Hardpich launched some highly advanced production lines for making coil nails, brad nails and staples to widen its product range and integrate quality and diversity.
Through its first and late production lines, Hardpich is a full manufacturing plant located in Iran –Borujerd that offers a vast product assortment of wires ,bulk nails, collated nails, staples and brads. All nails and staples are engineered for superior performance in all types of wood. Due to this quality, we are present in some markets like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkmenistan , Turkey and UAE.
Hardpich always makes itself committed to reviewing and making appropriate updates to ensure that our products meet the requirements of the industry and the customers. We are proud of our commitment due to which we can always provide a broad range of high quality products that earn our customers’ convenience.

Hardpich and its dedicated family of employees are committed to providing the highest quality products and exceptional service each and every day.You can get more than you except with Hardpich.







 We work hard to make benefit of all beneficiaries-customers,employees,stakeholders and in general the society.We are completely aware of our social responsibilities in this way.

These are our main principles :

  • Improve customers satisfaction and loyalty.
  • innovating and upgrading technical knowledge, producing high quality products and services,and diversifying our products portfolio.
  • creating a supportive view of human sources as one of the most important survival factors of the company through the establishment of a dynamic educational system and increasing employee participation in making decision and the creation of an appropriate working environment.




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